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The Story begins in 1888 in Atlanta, Georgia

Back then, a gentleman named Asa Candler distributed what is widely known as the first marketing/retail coupon in North America.

Mr. Candler had just bought the Coca Cola company from its inventors and went on to achieve great success fairy quickly aided by his coupon campaigns.

Over a century later, consumers in North America alone, across all retail sectors, save billions of dollars every year utilizing deals, offers, coupons, or rebates.


We had set out to deliver a fabulous savings program where parents could save on local merchant products and services. For us, it was about rewarding parenthood through savings. Our launch, however, coincided with the boom in daily deals and flash sales.

So we paused. We paid attention and invested the time to rethink how to best serve our audience: moms, dads, parents like us-like you.

It became extremely clear that most parents and families have better things to do than track the large volume of deals and promotions available on a daily basis.

And this is when ilovekiddeals began to take shape.


ilovekiddeals is a destination and resource for getting the best deals, finding great offers, obtaining savings and deal advice on products and services families need and want most.

Every day, thousands of publishers, (top ecommerce stores, brands and local merchants), offer deals, coupons or promotions of some kind.

We search and organize all deals that benefit families - those available locally and those nationwide and online - to provide the most comprehensive amount of deals and offers exclusively for families that can be found in one place.


Those awesome 50% off Daily deals? Yup, we got those. Online codes and coupons for families? We've got those in abundance. How about those flash, private and instant sales? Got those too!

How about deals from Savings cards, coupon books, online offers and other deals from retailers and manufactures? Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

We even find deals on high end luxury kid stuff.

Travelling with your family to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami or another city? Then check out our family deals in those and other cites. Need clothes for the kids, tutoring classes, deals on restaurants? That's right. We got those too.

So welcome to ilovekiddeals - Deal Love for families everywhere!